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...use the refurbishment partner trusted by the British Lifeboat Service (RNLI) for over 30 years...


What Clients think of us...

Our Broom, had a broken hinge on the original deck hatch. Trying to source a replacement was an issue. As newer units didn't have the sizing we required. This meant having to cut the GRP body and redo the lining to fit an off the shelf unit. After speaking with Rowland, a custom option was available, where a hatch would be made to our specification. The extra cost was off-set, as no additional work on the refit was required. Rowland was great with his support throughout the whole process. Outcome, is that new hatch fits in with existing Broom equipment and looks brilliant.

Phillip Underwood

29 Mar 2024

Broom Ocean 38

Great value against replacing with new hatches, plus much simpler as the frames were left in situ, the workmanship was outstanding, the service quick and simple made even easier with the lids for rent service which saved me the time and expense of manufacturing temporary hatches.

Pat Baxter

8 Nov 2023

Westerly Oceanquest 1996

Thanks to Rowland and the team at Eagle Boat Windows I now have four windows that not only look good but don't leak! A truly excellent service from start to finish. The whole process was stress free and surprisingly quick. All of my emails or calls were returned promptly, a very reassuring experience. Thanks Rowland and the team, keep up the excellent work.

Dave Thornton

28 Feb 2023

Westerly Centaur (1979)

Difficult to source spares for older boats and the chaps at Eagle Boat Windows went out of their way to help. They gave me some great advice and I now have windows and a new hatch which not only are water tight, also look very smart!

Mary Carter

24 Jun 2022

1987 Swift 18


Eagle Boat Windows is a specialist marine window and deck hatch refurbishment and supply company with over 30 years experience.

Put simply, we take leaky, crazed units and transform them into ones which are dry and clear..., or source new replacements...


We offer services to private boat owners, refit yards and commercial clients (including the RNLI).  We are particularly pleased to partner with Lewmar in Europe, covering their Custom and Heritage ranges.  We are also agents for  a growing list of worldwide manufacturers, supplying spares and replacement units.

Eagle Boat Windows Industrial Unit

Eagle Boat Windows takes over production and distribution of Lewmar Old Standard closing seal

Following on from reinstating production of closing seal for Lewmar Superhatch models, we are delighted to announce we have taken over the manufacture of replacement closing seal for Lewmar Old Standard Portlights (<1997).  The new seal utilises that same tooling and production partner as the original and will be available in pre-cut/bonded lengths to suit all catalogue and custom sizes.  Click here for more details and pricing.

Eagle now supplying new units from leading manufacturers

Eagle Boat Windows is delighted to announce it has become an agent for Gebo, Goiot, Vetus, Ertec (NC Bjerg), Houdini and Moonlight in addition to Lewmar and is now able to offer new hatch and window units and spares alongside its refurbishment services.


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Advice for US buyers...

Advice for US buyers


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Wednesday, 20 December 2023

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