Dufour custom New Std Port (#30056900) replacement options

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Lewmar will be manufacturing limited quantities of Mk3 replacements for the custom Dufour New Standard (NS) opening port, MPN 30056900 as fitted to Dufour yachts between (approx.) July 1998 and December 2003.

We have also been able to arrange bulk discounts for owner orders channelled through Eagle Boat Windows.

Details of the port are given below. Its overall size is 391 x 190mm and we believe this would have been common to many Dufour models during the period. Unfortunately we have no information on exactly which models could be affected, but as the MPN is stamped on the existing acrylics owners should be able to determine whether this impacts them quite easily (note that the last four characters are the date of manufacture code and can be ignored).

For pre-2002* boats fitted with Mk1 NS this is the ONLY replacement/upgrade option. If you have a later boat fitted with Mk2 NS versions then we can also offer an acrylic only upgrade.

For more on Mk1 vs M2 NS, see our blog article - Lewmar Opening Portlights - Old, New and Versions . For details on the difference between catalogue and custom units - see our blog article on this subject.

* note that although the Mk1 period is officially 1997-2000, we have seen several 2002 Dufour models fitted with Mk1 ports.


This is for a complete portlight (MPN 30056900).

# units ordered unit price

1 £535.00

2+ £405.00

6+ £320.00

10+ £300.00

All prices are plus VAT (if applicable) and plus shipping.

Acrylics are standard GREY (9T21) tint. Alloy trims are provided. Plastic trims are NOT available as spares, but Lewmar are 80% sure existing plastic trims should fit. Please be careful when removing plastic trims as they become very brittle with UV, as well as discoloured (but can be resprayed).

Note that custom replacement acrylics for Mk2 units, manufactured by Eagle Boat Windows, have a base price of £175.00 + VAT.

Port details

Below are details as supplied by Lewmar relating to the original custom port.

How to Order

Excited as we are by this development, we need to gauge interest so that we can pass on the maximum discount in batches of 10+ where possible. In the first instance, please get in touch and indicate how many ports you may wish to order. We'll then group orders and be back in touch to arrange pre-payment and place the orders within the Lewmar production schedule.

Contact Rowland Smith at sales@eagleboatwindows.co.uk or call on 01273 890300.

What's involved in replacement

An obvious question. Lewmar ports are supplied in two parts (excluding trim). The outer frame (to which the acrylics are mounted) and the inner ring which is held with machine screws through the hull into the outer to secure the outer against the hull. The outer also has a flange which is sealed against the hull using a bedding compound or tape (both of which Eagle Boat Windows can supply).

Removal involves releasing the securing machine screws and inner ring and then pushing the outer frame outward to release. In some cases the old bedding compound may need to be cut around along and pressure applied with some broad based levers.

Fitting the new is the reverse, ensuring that a 1mm bead of new bedding compound or tape remains when the frame is screwed in position. More details and advice can be found in other blog articles on this website.


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