We can manufacture virtually any size and shape of frameless window.



   Cast Acrylic:

     Thicknesses: 5mm (clear only), 6mm, 8mm, 10mm 12mm

     Colours: Clear, Blue/Grey, Grey, Bronze (6 & 8mm only)

   Makrolon (Abrasion Resist grade):

     Makrolon is a treated polycarbonate that is virtually unbreakable and suitable for applications where there is a risk of damage through impact. Unfortunately, Makrolon is easier to scratch than Acrylic although our Makrolon has a scratch resistant coating added.


     Colour: Clear only

Edge Finish:

     Uncut, Straight Polished, Bevel Polished

Drill Options:

     Drilled / Undrilled / Countersunk (not recommended)


We can make a window from either a paper template or your old window and offer a range of finishes to the edges to suit your preference or application. Before starting the manufacture of your window, we will fully discuss your requirements with you to advise of any improvements or other considerations that may be helpful..


Please note that we are unable to offer a heat-forming service required for Acrylic windows that are preformed to a tight radius however we are happy to discuss your application and put you in touch with other suppliers who can assist you.


We can supply a range of Fixings and bedding compound for installation of your new window.

Acrylic Windows made to measure

  • Made to measure windows are non-returnable