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Who is Eagle Boat Windows?

Eagle Boat Windows is a specialist marine window and deck hatch refurbishment company with over 30 years experience.

Put simply, we take leaky, crazed units and transform them into ones which are dry, clear and beautiful...


We offer services to private boat owners, refit yards and commercial clients (including the RNLI).


Not to be confused with plastics suppliers looking to find markets for their sheet product, or for window frame manufacturers looking to offer sealing as a complimentary service, we don't make frames or sell sheet plastic.  We provide a high quality refurbishment service, using the best materials available as well as time served preparation techniques to ensure consistent quality, longevity and peace of mind.

Services include:

  • Dismantling, inspection, cleaning and priming for resealing, of all types of window and hatch.

  • Machining replacement glazing in cast Acrylic (Perspex) or Polycarbonate, utilising CNC technology where appropriate.

  • Reglazing & resealing fixed/opening portlights and hatches fitted with plastic glazing.

  • Resealing of fixed/opening portlights fitted with toughened glass (TG) glazing

  • Refurbishment, sourcing new and fitment of spares, including handle, hinge, vents, closing seals and other exterior trim parts

  • Sourcing and fitting replacements for obsolete windows, seals and other spares eg N C Berg.

  • Manufacture of obsolete seals (eg Superhatch closing seal)

  • Supply of a range of fixings, seals & bedding compound, as well as sound advice.

We service all quality units from the likes of Lewmar, Goiot, Gebo, Canpa and others, including many obsolete units.

In addition to standard catalogue units, we are Lewmar's European Custom Range partner for servicing custom windows and portlights developed for the likes of Hallberg Rassy, Bavaria, Dufour, Hanse, Grand Soleil and others.

We are proud to be the contractor to the RNLI for the refurbishment and re-glazing of Lifeboat windows, since 1989.

As long term members of British Marine, the company is bound by their codes of business conduct that gives customers the confidence of quality and service.

We talk boats and sail boats, so if you have any queries please call....

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