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For quotations please email
Please provide as much information as possible, such as detailed below:

Name & Contact Information, including location
Service Required ie what refurbishment work you require e.g. reseal windows, new acrylic windows, refurbish hatch, etc
Boat Make/Model/Year of Manufacture.  The year especially helps us date the window/hatch model


As the saying goes 'a picture paints a thousand words'. Photos will help us assess the work necessary and provide a more accurate quote.  They help us confirm the model by viewing the profile and hinge/latch fixings.  They give us a reference point for sizing and for assessing the curvature too.  Photos of the damage or leaks also help confirm what work may be required or highlight further questions.  Close ups of the existing seals and glazing also helps identify the sealants and glazing used.  Most importantly, it helps confirm to us that we can help you and that you have windows which can be disassembled for refurbishment; many of which sadly cannot.

Image size - Low/medium resolution is normally OK and will be quicker to email.  Files of 4.5Mb each will clog up my email even if you have superfast your end, so please try and keep photos well under 1Mb.  If interested, I have for many years used a free download - Faststone Photo Resizer 4.3 which is excellent at batch resizing images.  A 640 x 480 pixel image is less than 40Kb and perfect.

Photographs PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....

General Contact Information

Quotations: FAQ

Now some specifics, in easy access sections;





For Hatches:

  • Hatch make, model, size and approximate age: e.g. Lewmar, Ocean Hatch, size 60, 1995, if known - we can often tell from photos, so don't worry if you are not sure.

  • Glazing material required: Acrylic (common), Makrolon, Toughened Glass (unusual)

  • Colour: CLEAR, GREY TINT or if available Bronze, Blue/Grey or some other colour.

  • Glazing Dimensions (mm): Length, Width, Thickness - again if known, if not by identifying the hatch model & size we will probably have details ourselves.

  • Vent fitted: Y/N

  • Nature of problem: e.g. Silicone seal failed, inner closing seal damaged, bond to deck letting in water


For Framed Windows (including portlights) - Fixed or Opening pane:

  • ​Make, Model, Size and approximate age: eg Lewmar, old standard portlight, size 3, 1992

  • Fixing: Framed or Unframed

  • Type: Fixed pane, opening or sliders

  • Window frame dimensions (approx mm): Length, Width and glazing Thickness (if known) 

  • Corner type: radius (ie curved) or mitre (ie square or pointed with a cut line)

  • Frame finish: e.g. Aluminium/Anodised, Powder Coated, Painted, etc

  • Construction: Number and position of Split Lines (note that we cannot refurbish frames with welded seams)

  • Window material: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Toughened Glass, Other (please specify)

  • Glazing colour: If glazing is to be replaced, preferred colour (eg CLEAR, GREY TINT, or if available Bronze or Blue/Grey tints)​


For New Frameless Windows:

  • Material: Acrylic or Makrolon (CLEAR 6 or 10mm only)

  • Colour: CLEAR, GREY TINT or if available Bronze or Blue/Grey tints

  • Cut dimensions (mm): Length, Width, Thickness

  • Edge finish: Rough Cut, Polished, Bevelled Edge(s)

  • Drilled Holes: Yes/No/Special (see note above)

Notes regarding drilling holes in frameless windows:

  1. If you wish to match existing holes in the hull, we can only achieve this if the original windows are supplied as templates. Otherwise it is recommended that we supply the windows undrilled, so you can accurately drill them as part of the installation process

  2. As standard we only provide straight drilled holes in Acrylic and Makrolon. We do not recommend countersunk holes as the countersunk screws can cause cracking during installation and/or use. We can provide countersunk holes at the customers own risk


For Cut Plastic only:

  • Window material: Acrylic only

  • Glazing colour: CLEAR, GREY TINT, or if available Bronze or Blue/Grey tint

  • Window dimensions (mm): Length, Width, Thickness

  • Edge finish: Rough Cut, Polished, Beveled Edge

  • Drilled holes: Yes/No/Special

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