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Window Re-Sealing

Our outline process is as follows;

  • On receipt, the window is assessed and inspected. If any damage or severe corrosion is noted, we will contact the customer.

  • The window glazing and frames are primed.

  • The window is re-sealed with a pressure injected sealant and allowed to cure.

  • Upon completion the window is inspected and cleaned.

  • All windows are carefully packed ready for dispatch/collection.

  • It is fully dismantled and all parts labelled.

  • All parts are thoroughly cleaned.

  • If required, new toughened glass is ordered or Acrylic is cut to match original glazing.

  • The window is re-assembled and joints are sealed.

Hatch Re-glazing

We repair, refurbish and re-glaze almost all makes of hatches. Below is a generic list of operations which we carry out on every hatch we receive.

  • On receipt, the hatch is assessed and inspected. If any damage is noted, or the hatch cannot be refurbished, we contact the owner. If a hatch cannot be repaired, it can be returned free of charge.

  • The hatch is fully dismantled and all parts labelled

  • All parts are thoroughly cleaned and any handles, hinges and stays are serviced/freed up.

  • If a vent is fitted, it too is dismantled and cleaned.

  • If required, the main clamp seal is replaced or serviced.

  • New Acrylic is cut and machine finished to replicate the original glazing.

  • The frame and Acrylic are primed in preparation for sealing.

  • The hatch is re-assembled and sealed with High-modulus Silicone and allowed to cure for at least 24 hours.

  • The handles, hinges and vent are re-fitted.

  • Upon completion the hatches are inspected and cleaned.

  • All hatches are carefully packed ready for dispatch/collection

New Acrylic WINDOWS

We can manufacture virtually any size and shape of  window in acrylic or Makrolon in Clear, Bronze or Blue/Grey in a range if thicknesses up to 12mm.

Makrolon is a treated polycarbonate glazing material that is virtually unbreakable and it is therefore suitable for applications where there is a risk of damage through impact. Unfortunately, Makrolon is easier to scratch than Acrylic although our 10mm Makrolon has a scratch resistant coating added.


We can make a window from either a paper template or your old window and offer a range of finishes to the edges to suit your preference or application.


Before starting the manufacture of your window, we will fully discuss your requirements with you to advise of any improvements or other considerations that may be helpful..


Please note that we are unable to offer a heat-forming service required for Acrylic windows that are preformed to a tight radius. Again, we are happy to discuss your application and put you in touch with other suppliers who can assist you.

We are able to supply a full range of Fixings and bedding compound to fit your new window.