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Hints & Tips: FAQ

Hints and Tips

Where's it all gone? 


We've moved the 'how to' content to our Blog pages as this is a more efficient way of giving access to specific content when communicating with clients.  So nothing is lost; it's all a link click away and you get more as well....

The content is intended to offer help and assistance to our customers and boat owners who wish to remove or refit their windows and hatches as well as general upkeep.  As with any help content  we are confident you appreciate that we are unable to accept any liability for mishaps or damage arising from the use of any information or guidance presented.

Before commencing any work, here are a few general hints and tips that we hope you may find useful.

  • It is best to allow plenty of time for any task.  Patience is a virtue....

  • Always use good quality tools (sharp if appropriate) that are the correct size for the job you are carrying out

  • Make sure someone else is close by to help you especially when working on larger windows​

  • Plan your work carefully and start off with an “easy” task first. e.g. remove the smallest window first

  • Never use excessive force.  There is probably a good reason why something is resisting you and it's best to find this out before you regret the damage that will likely result if you continue

  • After years without movement, fixings will resist.  Heat (eg heat gun) and releasing fluids will help, as will careful consideration.

  • Apply pressure evenly as new panes won't sit well in bent frames. ​

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