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Lids4Lend Programme - Making hatch refurbishment an easy option

We understand that whilst a good idea, many people find the prospect of removing a hatch, plugging the hole and getting the lid to and from us a mountain to climb, even out of season.  During the season, concerns about security, safety and of course staying watertight are enough to put anyone off.


So, we used the C19 downtime as an opportunity to come up with a range of options to make hatch refurbishment an easy, rather than mountainous prospect.  All of the options include the provision of a custom shipping box sized to your hatch and made using durable double layer cardboard in a 'flat box' style.  Also, we've put together a low cost shipping package with UPS to make sending and receiving as pain free and cost effective as possible using their network of Depots and Access Points where you collect and deposit your packages.  We manage the shipments and print all the required labels (including return).  You drop off and collect at your convenience at whichever location suits you best.  We've tried to keep cost to a minimum, so shipping costs start at just £15.00 each way and includes the box.  Loan fees range from £5 to £10.  So for a Lewmar Ocean 60, you're currently looking at £70 (+VAT) for the loan of a lifeboat lid and all the shipping.  No deposit and often we can fit more than one hatch in a box making refurbishment of multiple hatches even better value.


We're pricing this low as an enabling service to customers.  Shipping is for four UK deliveries (two to you, two to us) and includes the custom box so represents excellent value and uses UPS, a quality courier.


All figures are in UK Sterling and subject to 20% VAT

L4L Hatch Pricing June 24.jpg

Option 1 - Shipping only package

You remove the hatch under our guidance and then ship to us direct using a custom box we send you dropped off at your local UPS access point.  You cover the hatch 'hole'.  When the hatch is ready, we send it to your nearest UPS pickup point and then you send the empty box back to us for reuse. This option is the cheapest, but is perhaps best suited to the off-season.

Option 2 - Lifeboat Lid package

Let's talk about the service first;

  • we send you a temporary lid in the custom cardboard box

  • we 'lend' you a lid which provides a secure, safe and watertight top to your hatch frame, designed so that you can continue to sail during the refurbishment

  • you send us your lid in the same box, the return labels will already be in the box (or in an envelope on the outside) so you just place the self-adhesive label sleeve on the outside of the box and drop it off

  • we refurbish the hatch lid and send it back to you in the same box

  • you replace your hatch and use the box again to send the temporary lid back to us​

​ What are the Lifeboat lids?

We machine the lids from old lifeboat windows in 10mm CLEAR Makrolon AR which is an immensely strong polycarbonate.  All the fittings are stainless steel.  We use M8 cup head bolts on top, which have a clean domed head which can't be undone from the outside, so are secure.  These screw into threaded sleeves which sit between the top and the corner mounting plates.  The mounting plates are secured from beneath using M8 pan head machine screws with a cross head.  No exposed threads to tear your head from below.  The lid itself sits on a 12 x 20mm single sided neoprene closing seal, part recessed into the lid to hold it steady and provide a watertight seal.

What hatches can you support?

We're making lids to fit Lewmar but these typically also fit a wide range of hatches from Goiot, Gebo, Moonlight, Bomar and others.    

​ What are these custom boxes?

Initially we started buying preformed double layer cardboard boxes, but invariably these were the wrong size and meant we had to add too much padding.


So we took the decision to buy a pallet load of strong double layer cardboard and make a tool to crease the side lines.  Then we bought an industrial strength cardboard stapler, created a spreadsheet with all the dimensions required for the various hatch sizes and bingo, we're in the box making game.  A better fit means less waste and less packing so a win win.  We hope you agree.

Lewmar size 60 L4L silver_96.png
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