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Classic & Heritage

Classic to my mind means designed with a passion and an eye for form and detail, in a time when skill and vision, rather than computer based iteration were the source of beautiful craft, on water, on wheels or elsewhere.

Most of what fits here is produced as one-offs or in small production runs, perhaps spread amongst several builders with scope for some interpretation.  Common, is a focus on form and capabilties, rather than accommodation and creature comforts, something that some of us lucky enough to use, come to secretly regret - for the duration!

Yes, but what about windows & hatches?

As you can tell, we love the classics and as a result will push to accommodate any classic challenges which you may have, probably more so than our competitors.  So if you have an older craft with windows or hatches of uncertain parentage, requiring seals or fittings long since obsolete, please get in touch.  Some units simply can't be disassembled, let alone repaired/refurbished, but we'll do our best to help.

If you'd like to read about Rowland's Classics please click on the link below.


Details of Classic projects will appear in Blog posts so keep an eye out...

If your're wondering - the guy in the photo is the late great Tom Fexas, designer of the 52' Midnight Lace pictured, built by Cheoy Lee.

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