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Framed Fixed Window Options

These will be custom or catalogue units, more likely the former, which limits options for replacement.

To kick things off (and because I don't want to repeat myself), please read our Blog post on Windows before proceeding.  Next, if unsure whether you have catalogue or custom or just want to know the potential issues then we have another Blog post for you to pore over.

For more information on refurbishment please click on the highlighted (orange) link below or just get in contact;

Replacement with new

Replacement with previously refurbished

Most fixed units can be refurbished and if required (and flat) plastic can be replaced with glass as an option.  Modern sealants result in a far superior seal compared with old so you can expect them to remain watertight for many more years.  Click on the link for more details.

Framed windows, particularly on older yachts, are typically custom units from manufacturers long gone.  If so, the cost and availability of bespoke replacements is likely to be prohibitive and a poor match, so refurbishment is the often the only viable option.  If your windows are catalogue sizes from current manufacturers then replacement with new is an option, though in practice refurbishment will be cheaper and just as good, or better.  If you'd like us to source catalogue units then please get in touch.

Not normally an option due to the wide variety of custom sizes utilised over many years by builders.  We do have some units, but these are typically donated rather than purchased for refurbishment.

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