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Custom Shipping Boxes

Required dimensions

Whilst we have these dimensions for most Lewmar hatches we may ask you to confirm so that we can ensure your hatch lid will be snug in its box.

The key dimensions are:

W, H and Dmax, as shown on the schematic to the right.

Note that Dmax should include any lip or hinges which extend beyond the basic frame.  We'll only need to know about handles is they protrude more than 20mm beneath the lower edge, in which case please tell us.

Eagle custom boxes - sizing dimensions

Temporary (Lifeboat) Lids 

Required dimensions

This is not as complex as it looks!


The key dimensions are:


SW - width between seal ridge centres

SL - length between seal ridge centres

A - Depth from ridge top to underside of hatch trim in cabin

FFW - frame flange width (used to guide overhang width)

RW - ridge width (used to confirm require seal width)

CR - just an estimate will do - used to ensure seal can fit

Of the remaining dimensions MCRW and HC are measured from the ridge centre and used to confirm that the bolts and lid top will fit your scenario.  Similarly ITW gives confidence that the corner mounting plates will fit.

Eagle temporary lid dimension requirements

If your hatch opening does not have vertical sides (as shown above) then please talk to us about this as we may need to modify the approach taken to securing the corners.

Securing mechanism

The lids come with the cup bolt and threaded sleeve installed, as well as the closing seal.

Based on your specified 'A' height we will include lower machine screws of the appropriate length.

Installation is simple;


Place the lid in position so that the seal covers the base ridge.  If possible, place someone (or something heavy) on the lid top to hold it in position and compress the seal.


Go below with the corner mounts, machine screws and washers supplied.


Place the mounts in position and guide the machine screws into the threaded sleeve in the lid.  Tighten until the seal mostly compressed and the lid is stable and cannot be moved side-to-side from above. 

Eagle temporary lid securing mechanism
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