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Lifeboats and the RNLI are at the core of our history, the business originally being set up specifically to service the growing need for periodic refurbishment of windows for the fleet back in 1989.

Today we service windows for three classes; TRENT, TAMAR and SEVERN.  Each refit involves approximately 15 windows which were originally manufactured by Seaglaze, based up the A11 in Norwich.

Lifeboat window frames are seriously heavy duty having two sections held together with a large number of machine screws as well as two types of specialist silicone sealants.  For strength, the glazing used is a 10mm CLEAR Polycarbonate which is virtually indestructible.  The specific material is Makrolon AR, the AR standing for Abrasion Resist, a specialist coating which helps prevent scratches on the otherwise softer Polycarbonate.

We follow a strictly controlled process during refurbishment to ensure quality and consistency, to give confidence to the crews that their windows will never let them down.

We are immensely proud to be part of the wider group supporting the RNLI, its crews and craft.  




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