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Frameless Windows, Washboards & Cut Panels


We can manufacture virtually any size and shape of  window in Acrylic or Makrolon.  Acrylic is stocked in CLEAR and GREY tint, but may be available in Bronze , Blue/Grey, Black or other tints depending on availability.  We generally stock in thicknesses up to 12mm.

Makrolon is a UV treated polycarbonate glazing material that is virtually unbreakable and it is therefore suitable for applications where there is a risk of damage through impact. Unfortunately, Makrolon is easier to scratch than Acrylic although our 6/10mm Makrolon AR (used for RNLI) has a scratch resistant coating which significantly reduces the risk of surface damage.


We can make a window/washboard from either a paper template or your original unit and offer a range of finishes to the edges to suit your preference or application.  In truth, the results are best if you can supply the original pane, particularly if drilled holes are required (eg frameless).


Before starting manufacture we will fully discuss your requirements with you to advise of any improvements or other considerations that may be helpful..


Please note that we are unable to offer a heat-forming service required for panels that are preformed to a tight radius. Again, we are happy to discuss your application and put you in touch with other suppliers who can assist you.

We are able to supply a full range of fixings and bedding compounds to fit your new window, along with guidance.



Though we don't have the equipment to cut, form and heat temper glass we do have partners who fulfill these requirements and we expect to increase our use of glass in the future.

ISO 12216:2019 (the UK/EU standard that deals with marine windows) allows the use of single (mono) pane and laminated glass, but suggests all elements are heat tempered, ie toughened.

Tempering is typically the final stage after the outline has been cut and any machining/edge preparation completed.

Toughened Glass (TG) is an excellent alternative to plastic as although it is heavier, thinner panes can be used.  Its major plus is that it is much more difficult to scratch and won't craze due to UV damage like plastic.  Unlike Polycarbonate it doesn't yellow either.  Like Acrylic it will smash if it suffers a point impact and annoyingly it will shatter into many many small pieces which will probably end up in your bilge.  But overall, for windows it offers the best longevity to the extent that when resealing windows we rarely have to replace the glass.  Glass is also available in a small range of tints.


Note that while feasible, curved glass panels are whole different ball game.

We'll be looking at how we can use glass more in future, so keep in touch.

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