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Peace of Mind - since 1989...

Trusted Brands

We will only undertake work on units we feel confident you can trust.  Our aim, perhaps ironically, is to never hear from you again.  If we do, something went wrong and we go to great lengths to ensure this doesn't happen.  

Quality units from leading manufacturers will outlast most craft, but this is most evident with those from brands like Lewmar, Goiot, Gebo and Canpa.


Quality materials

We use the best we can buy, whether it's sheet plastics, stainless fixings, sealants, seals or other spares.  For Acrylic we use Perspex branded cast products, the best.  For Polycarbonate we use Markrolon AR (abrasion resist) sourced direct from the UK distributor (Amari).  For sealants we use ARBO products, the same as used by frame builders.  Stainless fittings come direct from Anglia Stainless who are based just up the road.  Lewmar spares now come direct from Lewmar.  Goiot and Gebo spares are sourced via the UK distributors.


Material costs are not a major element of the overall refurbishment cost so we don't cut corners.

Proven procedures

The knowledge is both in the people and the documented procedures accumulated over the past 30 years.  It's also about having the correct mindset when approaching a problem, knowing from years of engineering exposure when to push and when to hold back to avoid breakage.  Old windows can be challenging after years of corrosion and perhaps the odd historical 'bodge', but we aim to restore all to fully working condition, confident in the knowledge that the best job has been done, one which will prevent leakage and provide safety and security in future use. 

ISO Compliance

ISO standards and the Recreational Craft Directive as a whole have several roles, not least of which is to provide clear guidance on what can be used and where, to ensure safe use.  Safe use depends on the environment in which the craft will be used, historically known as design category, from A - Ocean through to D - Sheltered Waters.  For openings (which includes windows and hatches) key considerations include size (area), glazing material, edge fixing and location, both horizontally (fore/aft) and vertically ie proximity to waterline.  We can determine whether your windows and their intended use/position meet this safety threshold.  ISO 12216:2019 is the current standard, but subject to periodic review. 


EAGLE standard

We are more expensive that most.  Some are cheaper because they don't charge VAT, deal in small volumes and have low overheads.  Others just don't complete the full preparation.  This is a labour business, a bespoke service which to achieve consistently excellent results requires a no compromise approach, particularly in cleaning and surface preparation.  So if you want to save money, rather than protect your boat then we're probably not your port of call.  If however you appreciate the devastating impact leakage can have on interior surfaces and want to be 100% sure this won't happen then speak to us, today. 

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