Adding a Lewmar retro-fit strut to an old Canpa Hatch

Canpa - once very popular in the days before the internet became the standard way of sourcing information. As a consequence though we see many there is virtually no information available or spares.

Several models have robust struts, but their Achilles Heal are the plastic components. When these break, without spares the struts become useless.

So what can be done?

Image shows Tim rough fitting the strut to the Canpa hatch (still with old acrylic). The strut allows the lid to approach 90 degrees of opening, but no more.

We've just fitted a Lewmar retro-fit strut (more details here) to this old Canpa. We could have just mounted the top mount in the acrylic as on the modern Lewmar Low Profile (LP) hatches but felt that this could be risky for two reasons;

  • First, the Canpa lid is much heavier than the flyweight LP, and

  • Second, the glazing is held with sealant on the Canpa (as Lewmar Ocean) and not within an aluminium channel (albeit with rubber gasket) as on the LP.

As a result we felt it would be better to mount an aluminium support under the acrylic, but tied to the aluminium frame for extra support. This means the upward (compressive) force is taken by the frame and not the acrylic seal which in turn will hopefully ensure no leaks.

Including labour, the cost of supplying and fitting was around £120 + VAT in this case.

Image shows upper mount bracket attached to frame and ready for fitment of the new acrylic.

Image shows hatch complete with new acrylic. (note that the top surface of the acrylic has protective film fitted for shipping).

Image shows top mount with acrylic fitted.

Image shows lid top with through acrylic top mount (and temporary protective film). Also shows new Lewmar retro-fit vent fitted.


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