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Advice for US buyers...

Updated: May 9

We are happy to sell and ship to the US and normally use UPS for shipping, as generally speaking it's their home market, so should be able to deliver swiftly to the correct address....

Once we know what's being sent and to where, we will send you an invoice. The amounts will be in British pounds (GBP), not USD so you will need to visit your bank to make a transfer. The details you need will be on the invoice, but please ensure you cover any charges so that the amount on the invoice is the amount we receive, in GBP.

We appreciate many in the US will not be familiar with international payments and that traditional Bank wire transfers can be expensive and tiresome. One of our customers (thank you David) suggests using the WISE App as a secure and simple approach which has transparent fees. In his words - "However, it is not commonly used in the US and most people I know aren't familiar with it, unless they are from the UK/EU. If you have a lot of US based customers it might be nice to list it as an option for payment."

For shipping we need the full address and your phone number. UPS also require some form of compliance identification which can either be;

  • Business Tax Id (business customers)

  • Social Security Number (private clients)

  • EIN

For small packages (eg seals) the minimum UPS charge applies which is ~GBP 40. If larger items are being shipped we'll need to check the cost before issuing the invoice.

Shipping to most mainland US addresses should take less than a week as these generally go by air mail.

We don't charge you sales tax here, but you may be required to pay local sales tax (state dependent?) and possibly import duty (though for most of our products this should be zero).

If you have any questions please get in contact via email at

Have a great day (as I know you love to say :-)


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