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Costs rise again...

It will come as no surprise to hear that sheet plastic prices rose significantly when COVID hit and everyone wanted screens. Since then we've had one other rise and later this month another 8%, meaning that plastic costs are now up over 30% on 2019.

Similarly, sealants have been in short supply and backorder (like ARBOmast BR, which has been on back order for 2 months). Sealant prices have risen three times already, typically by 8-10% each time.

Lewmar prices have just gone up 8.5%, not for the first time, as have other manufacturers and suppliers.

So if your new quote is higher than the one you requested last year, you can now understand why.

All prices are rising post Brexit/Covid, apparently to be balanced by rising wages. Hmm, not here and in my eyes higher salaries means more tax take, rather than better economy....


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