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Lewmar Low Profile Hatch - Mk1 or Mk2?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Originally published by Lewmar.

Crossover date

The Low & Medium Profile Hatches changed from Mk1 to Mk2 version between July and December 2000. Note that all Bénéteau and Bavaria hatches are Mk2.

Roll Pin

On Mk1 hatches a roll pin is visible on the underside of the lid near the hinge.

There is no roll pin on Mk2.

Lens Code

All Low & Medium Profile hatches have a lens code (as they are >1997);

  • Standard sizes of Mk1 hatches have a code that starts 399….

  • Standard sizes of Mk2 hatches have a code that starts A399…

Non-standard sizes hatches may not follow this pattern.


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