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Wonder cutter tool... Good 'ol Bosch

Good tools are like good ideas; they need to be spread.

One of our clients faced the question of how to remove bonded on windows without ruining his gelcoat or worse. As you will be aware (!), bonded windows are fixed with a PU adhesive, common examples of which are various Sikaflex products, 3M 5200, Bostic MSR and the popular CT1. These are adhesives, rather than sealants and don't like to let go.

We generally advise against using PU adhesives anywhere near windows and hatches and particularly for sealing glazing within frames as frankly these will be impossible to remove later. Using PU for bonded windows (whether glass or plastic) is a modern trend, but can cause huge problems when it comes to replacing these panes.

What we need is a flexible, thin, yet sharp tool to act like a scalpel but be easier and more effective to use.....

Click on the link to the BOSCH web site.


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