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Hatch Replacement with New

We are agents for most of the leading Hatch manufacturers and can source new units directly in most cases. 


Manufacturers often have limited stock, particularly of older ranges and will make to order, so don't expect Amazon Prime style delivery in most instances.

Like for like replacement

Replacement with similar


If what you need is current, then we can order and supply.  If you have an existing hatch then we may offer a part exchange option to further reduce the cost.  We either refurbish these PX units for resale or add them to our Lids4Lend stock.  Whichever, they get recycled rather than left in a corner or land-fill which has to be better.

Sadly, there will be cases where new replacements or necessary spares are no longer available.  For example Canpa and Sowester units. If replacing an older unit, or starting from scratch the biggest challenge for designers, yards and owners is identifying alternatives which will fit without having to take a saw or tub of filler to the existing opening.  This is rarely as simple as matching the cut-out dimensions, unless a newer version from the same manufacturer exists (we recently sourced a Vetus PLA50L for Neil Chapman, CEO of Boatshed which has the same cut out in spite of being two whole versions and 30 years newer).  Typically it is the cut-out radius that causes problems (the PLA50L has a 75mm radius, none of the other manufacturers have this, so we were lucky).  But flange depth (or flat), overall dimensions and height, colour, glazing tint, robustness and aesthetics all add to the mix.

The good news is that we've done the legwork, pored over the brochures, drawings and articles and pushed manufacturers for details of past as well as current models.  This is now in our database, ready to help.  One day this may venture online, but for now you'll need to get in touch, armed with details of what you have or are looking for.  That's what I call service.  Try and find an online chandler as able... or willing...

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