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Hatch Options

At a high level we support three options.​ Click on the highlighted (orange) headings to find out more.

This is our core business.  We clean and reuse the frames, but replace the glazing, sealant and if required the closing seals.  We refurbish or replace the exterior plastics and also offer other ‘new’ spares where available.  The result is an ‘as-new’ unit, with patina, ready for the next 30 years.

If a unit is still in production we can help source.  If an older unit we can suggest and source alternatives which are of similar size and require the minimum work to fit.  In some cases we can also offer part exchange.

We have a database of unit details covering a wide range of current and obsolete models and as agents for many of the current manufacturers (including Lewmar, Gebo, Goiot, Ertec, Houdini, Vetus and Moonlight), we are ideally placed to source viable alternatives.

We hold a limited stock of used units which we have previously refurbished to ‘as-new’ specification, with patina.  These are both lower cost, compared to new and will probably look better alongside other older units.  New units, rather than looking better tend to make other deck hardware just look more tired…

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