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Hatch Replacement with Refurbished

We buy and part exchange used units for our Lids4Lend service as well as for refurbishment for resale.  These tend to be Lewmar Superhatch, Rollstop and Ocean units, though other Lewmar units, as well as those from other manufacturers may become available.


If you are considering a new replacement we can often offer a price lower than the online chandlers on a px basis, assuming your unit is suitable for lending or refurbishment.  We are not scrap metal dealers!


Refurbished units are as close to 'as new' as possible, often with new handles and exterior plastics where available.  Some frames are so good you'd be hard pressed to tell from new.  Others may have minor battle scars, but will have a patina which fits with an older yacht where new units may look brash and 'new'.  Most importantly they will be strong, watertight, with clear panes and an enduring anodised finish.  Frankly we should charge more for the patina!

As agents for most of the leading Hatch manufacturers we can source what spares are available and/or practical alternatives.


We can also verify dimensions to ensure that where a replacement is not strictly like-for-like, it will be suitable for fitment.

Tell us what you want (or want to replace) and we'll do our best to accomodate.

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