Are Brokers going crazy?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We all know that crazed windows and hatches don't help when presenting craft for sale. Even if not leaking, the very fact that they look so tired will leave a negative impression with potential buyers, left speculating as to how much replacements will cost and factoring this in to any potential offer.

Better halves (ie the lovely women in our life) generally don't give a stuff about engines, electronics or sails and rigging but their vote (or veto) is often influenced by the quality, colour and styling of the interior and the views from. So crazed panes don't impress!

So why not bite the bullet and get your clients hatch and window panes replaced in beautiful clear Acrylic to ensure a favourable first impression?

For Lewmar hatches, Eagle Boat Windows can make this super simple, utilising our Lids4Lend service. We'll supply either a direct equivalent or a temporary (Lifeboat) Lid in a custom box, ready for you to remove and ship the old hatch lid back to use for refurbishment. We'll even sort out the transport through our shipping partner, UPS. Check out the Lids4Lend page from the main menu for more details.

For windows, we'll confirm the options (based on photos) and provide a swift quote for your client to consider.

As a Broker you can add value by managing the process and arranging for the removal/replacement, as well as coordinating the shipping. Just a few weeks is all it takes before your boats become more marketable and attractive.

Contact us now for a chat.


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