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Bloody PU. How to make life difficult by using the wrong sealant...

I talk about this elsewhere, so this is just a reminder to you fine people NOT to EVER reseal your glazing within a frame using a PU adhesive such as Sikaflex, 3M 5200, Bostic MSR, CT1 or any other. It's a BLOODY GLUE!!!

We've just had four Moody windows in for refurb. Three came apart easily, because the correct sealant had been used. The last had been GLUED and even though we cut through all of the glue on the sides of the glazing the bugger still wouldn't let go. Remember, all that was left was the glue on the edge of the 8mm acrylic. Not much surface area but this stuff just will not let go!

We did get the frame away from the glazing but as you can see in the photos below the frame was significantly distorted in the process and this with us being very careful. We can straighten the frame, but just consider how much force was required to break the adhesion from such a small area.

The lower frame is from another window of the same size as a reference

So please do NOT use PU adhesives to seal framed windows in any way.


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