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Lewmar Opening Portlights - Old, New and Versions

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

There are two types of 'Standard' portlight, with the catchy titles of 'Old Standard' and 'New Standard'. New Standard superseded the old style in the latter part of 1997 and they can be identified by the type of window latch.

A quick note on replacement acrylics

Eagle can supply replacements for all sizes (including custom) of Old Standard portlight acrylics for the simple reason that the hinge/latch fixings bolt through the lens. On the New Standard (NS) acrylics the hinge/latch fixings are bonded on. For NS ports in catalogue sizes, Lewmar can supply Mk3 acrylics or Mk3 replacement ports. The Mk3 acrylics come with new mounts to facilitate fitment to Mk2 ports, but are not a simple fit for Mk1 ports.

Lewmar has authorised us to manufacture acrylic replacements for Custom NS ports and we now have solutions in place which cover all versions (Mk1-Mk3). We are not authorised to manufacture replacements for catalogue size units though, so if you have these the only authorised solution is a new port.

Whats available as spares?

Officially there are two versions, but realistically there are three.

From 1997 to June 2000 the New Standard portlight was made with hinges and handle catches fixed to the outer frame with a pressing/staking process. These are the Mk 1 portlights.

In June 2000 the portlight was changed to use screw on catches and hinges. These are the Mk 2 models. The hinges sometimes have packers under them to control the seal compression. The hinge pins in these Mk 2 versions were 4mm (M4) diameter.

In 2007/8, the Mk 2 was further modified to have a 5mm (M5) hinge pin, which is why I say there are really three versions.

Whats available as spares?

Firstly we need to distinguish between 'standard' New Standard and 'custom' New Standard. The former are catalogue items, where as the latter were bespoke sizes custom made for builders such as Hallberg Rassy, Najad, Dufour, Beneteau etc etc. Knowing which you have can be difficult so let's come back to this later.

'Standard' New Standard Spares

If you have screwed hinges and catches with M4 or M5 fastenings you need to purchase the Mk 2 Acrylic spare. This will come with the hinge/catch plates bonded to the acrylic as well as a kit of other parts. Quite a bundle.

If you have M4 fastenings you will need to use the supplied replacement hinge kit to swap out the M4 hinges on your existing frame in order to fit the new acrylic. Note that if you have a Bavaria acrylic with M4 fixings you will need to purchase the kit separately as they are not supplied.

Now for the bad bit: Unfortunately, replacement acrylics are NOT available from Lewmar for Mk 1 New Standard Portlights. So if your boat was built between 1997 and 2000 check your fixings and if Mk 1 take extra care of your acrylics.

'Custom' New Standard Spares

If your boat has windows where the acrylic is mounted in a moving alloy frame you don't have New Standard portlights, even though the latches may look very similar. These will be Atlantic or (if Hallberg Rassy) Astar models, which we can refurbish.

If your portlights are custom New Standard portlights of the Mk 1 design the news is bad; it's currently a definite no. If Mk 2 then we move to a 'maybe', but this will be a custom order so even if possible will be on a longer lead time. The best thing to do is contact us (as the initial Lewmar response may be a no) and we will try to firstly work out whether you have a custom portlight and secondly negotiate with Lewmar to help them help you. You have to remember that Lewmar are a manufacturing business geared up to produce product in volume which is why they may at first appear reluctant to recreate a few custom units. This is not unreasonable, but they are good people and will try to help where possible.

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