Lids4Lend is Go!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Our first Lids4Lend clients are now operational, so we though we'd share some photos and information.

Ironically (for a service billed as UK only) our first L4L client to receive a 'lid' was one in Guernsey, in this case a 'Gold' Lewmar Superhatch 60 lid for a Sadler. His original is now back with us and having the closing seal and lens fitted as I write this.

Second up is a Beneteau First 285 in Levington with two Rollstop 30's. For those with smaller Rollstop hatches you may be aware that the lid hinges are actually riveted to the base, meaning that (avoiding hinge disassembly - spares no longer manufactured) you have to remove the lid and base together.

Two refurbished Lewmar Rollstop 30 hatches along with the temporary lid provided by Eagle Boat Windows.

No problem, Tim made up a 'Silver' (Lifeboat) base, fitted with a 20 x 6mm EPDM seal and pre-drilled to the standard base hole pattern (which was the same for both - standard? never...). Worked a treat and we're now lining up another Levington based client to use this as well as a couple in the Rollstop 20 size.

Latest is a Bomar hatch on a 2002 Maxi 1100, for which our Lewmar 60 size 'lifeboat' lid fits almost perfectly. These are the first photos of the mounts in place and we're pleased with the results, as is the client. His hatch is currently being shipped back to us.

Hatch opening on Maxi 1100 covered with one of the 'Silver' temporary (Lifeboat) lids on loan from Eagle Boat Windows.  Also shows one of the corner mounts under the hatch opening.


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