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Maintenance parts for Lewmar Old Std Ports

Updated: May 2, 2023

As some of you may be aware, Lewmar has now stopped stocking closing seal for the old standard ports, though the good news is that we are working with the manufacturer to take on the supply of this in future. For now we have some tolerance issues to address, but hope to be in a position to supply again very soon.

With this in mind it is unclear how long Lewmar will continue to stock other spares for these units, so I thought I'd list what they currently supply so you can decide whether to pick up some spares now, while you can.

Note that for catalogue sizes (0,1,2,3,4,4R/L) a complete port replacement with a New Standard equivalent will be an option.

Also note that we are able to supply new acrylics for all old standard ports (catalogue and custom) in CLEAR and GREY tint (9T21) or other colours by request. All are supplied with new handle O rings as standard.

Hinge Pin Kit - MPN 360001990

This is for one hinge and the MRP is ~£30 + VAT (as at 2/5/23)

Handle Kits - LH MPN 360003990, RH MPN 360002990

This is for one handle assembly, left handed (LH) or right handed (RH). The MRP for each is ~£25 + VAT (as at 2/5/23).

LH Kit

RH Kit


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