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Updated: Aug 10

So I've finally worked out how to replace our old website with the one I've been working on during C19. It's not yet mobile friendly, but I'm hoping that most of our target customers will be more used to surfing on a laptop or similar for the 'full' experience. The layout is similar but much of the content is new and we hope that you'll appreciate the refresh.

Being a supplier to the RNLI matters to us, as being sailors we appreciate they've got our backs when we're afloat. Their trust in our work means you can too, as we strive to ensure your boat benefits from a dry and clear future; inside at least. We look forward to welcoming the RNLI back after their enforced lockdown, safe in the knowledge that we've pre-ordered enough Makrolon AR to ensure this years lifeboats can all be completed without further delay.

We're looking to introduce a range of new product and services in the coming months which will both reduce the hassle in removing and replacing windows and introduce products to extend the function and life of your windows.

We'll also be introducing a members area with a library of information which will help you identify the products you have and how to get the best from them. Membership will be free and only require your name and email address to join. The 'quid-pro-quo' is that we will updated you from time to time when we've something new to shout about, but I can assure you firstly that we'll never share your details and secondly that we'll not bombard you with fake news. You'll be able to unsubscribe at any point, but will have to re-register to access the members areas.

As yards open and much delayed maintenance commences we hope it won't be too long before you're afloat again.

If you have leaking hatches, but don't want to lose 'sailing' time then please check out our new 'Lids4Lend' service aimed at providing secure, safe and watertight temporary lids with which you can continue to use your boats while your hatches are with us for refurbishment.

Happy sailing.


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