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Price Pressure - reflecting on a changing world

Prices are going up, no surprise. Materials, energy and component costs from our suppliers continue to rise as we all come to terms with the actions of Pootin and its fallout.

Lewmar prices went up AGAIN, last Friday, our new energy contract is 400% of current and as Oil surges, so do acrylic and sealant costs. Courier costs are also on an upward trajectory.

So, inevitably, we have to raise our prices too to reflect our increasing cost base. It's just business and i wish it were not so. The reality is, if you are considering work or buying new parts in future, you'd be better off (quite literally) doing it sooner rather than later.

As an example, I ordered 4 Lewmar new standard size 4 ports for a client a month or two ago, delivered this week. The difference in price ex VAT was over £100 vs a today price. It's the same for all manufacturers.

It's worth noting (as above) that you pay the price quoted on order, not that current on the delivery date. Many manufacturers are out of stock so lead times of 8-12 weeks are also common.

Quotes for refurbishment are valid for 30 days, though of course these are also subject to change if the nature or extent of work varies or you don't clean your flanges before sending in :-)

And for good measure - Slava Ukraini!


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