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Refurbishing options for Lewmar ASTAR/ATLANTIC opening ports

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I'm writing this to save time, my time, when replying to valued customers with Hallberg Rassy and other quality yachts fitted with these excellent Lewmar ports. Now I just have to give you the link in the email :-)

We can refurbish all ASTAR and ATLANTIC units, whether opening or fixed.

For openers there are two options;

  • Option 1 - replace and reseal the acrylic held in the moving alloy frame

  • Option 2 - as 1, plus remove and replace the closing seal mounted to the outer frame

Some points to consider before deciding

The moving frame hinge is attached to the outer frame with stainless steel machine screws (countersunk) with a HEX head. These are typically locked at the factory with locktite or similar and as a result can be difficult to remove on a workbench, let alone in situ. The HEX heads look lovely, but are very easy to round, after which the only way to remove (we find) is by using a centre point and hammer close to the edge of the head (to rotate the screw head). On the workbench, a hot air gun also helps release the locktite.

The outer frame is also held with similar machine screws but generally without the locktite, so easier to release. This often makes removing the whole portlight much easier than just the moving frame.

Clearly, to replace the closing seal we need the outer frame too. The seal fits into a complex channel which is also sealed with silicone. Removing the seal is easy, removing all traces of the silicone can take hours, particularly as the channel is complex, by which I mean it has undercuts which all need mechanically cleaning out.

So while you may be thinking of Option 1. you may still find it necessary to remove the whole portlight to separate the moving frame, by which time Option 2 may provide a longer term leak free status.

We're happy to quote for either. Typically panes are CLEAR or GREY tint (9T21).

We do the hatches too, including HR custom sizes.


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