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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

So after a promising start, post relocation, the lockdown for C19, whilst not directly affecting us (as we are already isolated) has effectively locked customers out of yards. No yard access means no windows being removed and hence a hole in demand for our refurbishment services. A week ago I was working on my own boat (Liberty Boo, a 1990 Halmatic 30), but now we're forbidden. In truth even the car journey would be frowned upon.

Are your windows leaking? Well, you can't tell until the restrictions are lifted so I hope not. Water keeps us alive, but left weeping causes disproportionate damage to interiors. Good for us I guess, but the thought of not having the option to address is unnerving.

The silver lining (other than the fact that my kids are grown up and not living at home during this isolation - only my darling wife to contend with) is that I've now time to experiment, innovate and finally get to grips with Xero (accounts) and Wix (website). It's easy they say, but Wix for all it's drag and drop can be frustratingly restrictive too, hence the hours I've spent trying to get this blog functionality to look something like the way I would like it to. Not there yet, but you be the judge.

As I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else my kids use (Ok, I do use WhatsApp and Zoom), get ready for more blog posts as this may keep me and hopefully you, dear reader, sane.

Thank you for being here.


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