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Wonderful washboards...

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

*** See Update from client below ***

Normally, we use the originals as a template guide on the router table, a tried and tested approach which ensures the copy is just that. The downside is that as the router tip travels down the edges it replicates all the bumps, splinters and varnish runs (if wood) producing a sometimes imperfect result. Linishing the edges can make a big difference, but it remains an imperfect science.

So now we're taking a different route, reflecting our expertise in CNC programming (previously Tim programmed parts for Formula 1 teams) and indeed, the fact that we have a 3-axis CNC router.

The result is perfect washboards with consistent, fair edges and as you can see in the photo, the capacity to flush fit stainless steel vents, to give a perfect finish.

To fasten the vent we use interscrews; machine screws from the outside into captive bushes on the inside, giving a neat and long lasting solution. Why not screws? Because they will eventually cause the acrylic to crack as a result of thermal fatigue. Those of you with countersunk frameless windows will know what I mean...

Acrylic washboards with vent
Acrylic washboards with vent

The image to the side shows the upper section for a 1994 Hunter Ranger 265 washboard, CNC machined in 12mm GREY tint (9T21) cast acrylic (Perspex brand). The photo below shows both upper and lower sections together. The upper face of the vent is flush with the acrylic. The inner face of the vent is sealed with low modulus sealant (BLACK) to give a neat and watertight seal as shown in the smaller image which also shows the (10) captive bushes of the (M4) stainless interscrews. The top edge is curved and with the sides has a 90 degree edge. The lower edge has a 60 degree edge to match that on the lower section. For washboards which are angled in use we can offer a range of bottom angles.

Prices start at £150 + VAT depending on size and thickness (approx £250 + VAT for this larger washboard at 750 x 650mm x 12mm with vent), but volume discounts are available if groups of owners get together (reflecting the ability to spread the programming charge).

Acrylic washboards
Acrylic washboards

Standard colours are CLEAR and GREY tint (9T21), but we may also be able to offer BRONZE or BLUE/GREY (9

T20) depending on thickness and material availability.

If CLEAR we can also offer the 10mm abrasion resistant Polycarbonate we use for the Lifeboat windows.

Lastly, note that plastic will scratch so please consider sourcing a lined bag or sleeve to protect the sections when not in use! Now where's that sewing machine...

*** Client Update ***

Graham kindly sent some photos through of his washboards. He was particularly surprised at how much lighter his cabin was and how the view out was pretty clear in spite of the tint being dark from the outside.

Hunter Ranger 265 Washboards
Hunter Ranger 265 Washboards

This is the before and after shots

GREY tint (9T21) washboards give great vision out

You can see how good the vision is from inside in spite of the view from outside being dark and thus private.

Shiny SS vent on acrylic washboards

Shiny stainless vent recessed to be flush with the outer surface.


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