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Framed Opening Window Options

Openers on sailing yachts are typically hinged catalogue units or builder specific custom versions (ie varying in size only).  Openers on motor yachts, particularly older examples (<1980) are typically unhinged opening sections of larger windows in the form of sliders, flip-flop or hoppers.  Manufacturers of catalogue units often have several ranges which may have evolved over a long period but sharing the same cut out dimensions.

As with fixed, to kick things off (and because I don't want to repeat myself), please read our Blog post on Windows before proceeding.  Next, if unsure whether you have catalogue or custom or just want to know the potential issues then we have another Blog post for you to pore over.

For more information please click on the highlighted (orange) links below;


Replacement with new

Replacement with previously refurbished

 - hinged 


If the pane is held in a moving frame not a problem.  If a plastic pane with hinge/handles attached then generally fine unless these are bonded on.  We can supply new acrylics and if required source/fit new closing seals to outer frames in the workshop.

- unhinged 


Sliders, flip-flop and similar are very time consuming, but possible, though we may decline.  For sliders the option to replace with a single fixed pane can provide a cost effective and leak free alternative.  For larger units ventilation can be accommodated by the installation of a small opener within the main pane (easier if plastic).

- catalogue units

Even when manufacturers upgrade ranges they often retain the same cut outs (eg Lewmar Standard portlights 1982-) so options for whole replacement with new may well exist.  Spares, eg acrylics may not be as compatible/available, so complete replacement may be the only option.  If available, we can source new spares and units from most major manufacturers.

- custom units


Generally not available from manufacturer stock, except perhaps from the builder.  Some manufacturers (eg Lewmar) are prepared to remanufacture in batches to order, subject to a shared setup fee and availability of appropriate mouldings. 

We have a very limited stock of catalogue openers which have been or are ready to be refurbished.  As there are many more variants of Window, even catalogue only, than Hatches we have limited demand for previously refurbished units.  However, if you have old units available we may be interested in purchase.

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