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Lagos or bust....

This is the story of an old fart on an overloaded e-bike plodding from Poole (UK) to the Port town of Lagos (Portugal) via France and Spain in search of a purpose, possible redemption and if offered, probably sex.  He also needs to see if his yacht Lancastrian is still afloat.  We have yet to find out how far (or long) this epic will prove, but France was ~1250km and 14 days.  Many of you will know the main character, Richard, as a sailor, cyclist, latter day motor cyclist and a man who believes Hush Puppies to be the height of fashionable footwear.  Clearly, though highly intelligent and obsessively analytical, he is flawed, so we'll just call him our 'special' friend.  What I had never realised (since ~1996) is that he actually writes very well and it's because of this that I feel driven to provide a forum here that though far from perfect (and very probably temporary) is hopefully more accessible than the email updates.  

Enjoy and laugh out loud.

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