Calling owners with Mk1 (1997-2000) Lewmar New Standard Openers - we have a solution!

I won't dwell on the three versions of New Standard (NS) ports, or what custom vs catalogue means as these topics are covered in previous posts (click on the links for more). The important new news is that for owners with custom units we are now able to manufacture and fit new acrylics.

The refurbishment involves the machining and bonding of new acrylics, using Mk3 mouldings supplied direct by Lewmar. The Mk3 uses an M5 hinge pin (vs M4 for Mk1/2) and as we reuse the existing swaged alloy mounts we need to drill these out to M5. This is one reason we need the whole unit sent in as these remain swaged to the outer frame.

Fortunately the position and dimensions of the hinge parts is the same across versions which is why the Mk 3 mouldings fit. We have to adjust the rebate depth, but the position is identical.

We also recommend considering replacing the closing seal and again we use the newer Mk 3 version which fits well.

So in effect using a Mk1 frame and hinge/latch mounts the result is a Mk 3 port.

Only Eagle is authorised to manufacture these replacements.

Our first set is for a 2000 Najad 373, involving 3 pairs of custom openers as well as a pair of fixed units. All in CLEAR 8mm cast acrylic (GREY tint is an option). These also had new closing seal and are shown below.

Ports in closed position

Ports open

The old crazed lenses

If you have a boat fitted with custom Mk 1 (1997-2000) or Mk 2 (2000-2007) NS openers and are interested in replacing the acrylics, then please get in touch.

Last but not least...

A big big thank you to Declan O'Sullivan from Pelago Yachts who kindle supplied his old Mk1 units for us to experiment with. We could not have done it without you!


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