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Lewmar Old Standard seal replacement tips

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

As many of you are aware we are now the only supplier of replacement closing seals for the Lewmar Old Standard port range, having taken over manufacture from Lewmar.

We offer a replacement service, along with new acrylics during which we also replace the problematic seal between the upper and lower frame sections. This seal is a known source of leaks.

Alternatively we can supply just new closing seals to order.

Replacing these is not entirely straight forward as when originally fitted, Lewmar would normally add some silicone to the channel when clipping the seal in. Though removing the old seals is easy, it is important to remove any silicone deposits from the channel (in the outer frame) prior to trying to clip in the new seal. If you don't there is a significant risk that the new seal won't seat properly.

In spite of all the wonder products offered to remove silicone, you will find that at best, most will only soften old silicone which is not much use. Sadly, the only way to remove silicone is by mechanical scraping and you will become adept at forming little scrapers for this purpose from old hacksaw blades and similar.

Cleaning will be MUCH easier if you have the port on the bench, rather than still in the boat. Removing ports is straight forward and you may wish to reflect on whether replacing the bedding products may be a timely thing to do anyway. If you do we recommend the GZ tape as a mess free solution. Take a look at our guidance on bedding.

Once you have removed the silicone and the whole channel is free, then clipping in is straight forward. Whether you also add more silicone is your choice, but if so I suggest sparingly.


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