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Lewmar Old Standard Port Options

Updated: May 2, 2023

So, you've got some old standard ports and want to know what the options are to refurbish or replace parts. The following guide looks at the choices available and what's involved.

Before we start...

All prices quoted are plus UK VAT (Sorry!)

Old standard ports were manufactured between 1982 and ~1997. They come in seven catalogue sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 ,4, 4L/R and 5. Of these by far the most common are 0, 1 and 4. Various custom units were made too, which typically are stretched versions of catalogue sizes.

Old standard ports are available in fixed or opening type and share the same cut-out dimensions. We can refurbish all fixed units, though you'll need to send them in. Our focus here is on openers.

You can view the differences between the old standard (OS) and later new standard (NS) ports here. For catalogue sizes, it's important to note that both versions are interchangeable meaning you can replace a whole OS port with a brand new NS port of the same size. Fasteners don't go through the hull so are not an issue.

The OS opener features a floating acrylic (8mm) in CLEAR or GREY tint with two or more bolted hinges and two or more through lens twist handles. The outer frame has a channel into which a round closing seal is fitted against which the acrylic clamps. The outer frame has a flange ~12mm wide which seals against the hull as a result of clamping between the outer frame and an inner ring. The inner ring is fitted with machine screws which fasten to the outer frame inboard of the cutout.


As mentioned, new acrylics are available for catalogue sizes in CLEAR or GREY tint (Perspex colour code 9T21, as Lewmar hatches). These come predrilled for handle/hinge mounts and are supplied with new O-rings for the handles. If you have a custom size we can program the CNC (at extra cost), but will need an old lens as a template.

Fitting is a DIY task, so click here for guidance on Replacing a pane in Lewmar Old-Standard Opener.

Closing seal

We supply new seals for all catalogue sizes. These are supplied as bonded loops, based on lengths specified by Lewmar. We have taken over the manufacture of seal, using the tooling from Lewmar. If you have custom size ports please speak to us. See Lewmar Old Std Closing Seals.

Do I need new seals?

Seals collect airborne debris which can become trapped between seal and acrylic causing leaks. In most cases regular cleaning with fairy liquid solution and a cloth can prevent this build up and extend the seal life, so try this first (and repeat!). If you find the surfaces remain rough and crumbly then it's time for new seals.

Can I fit them myself?

The seal is manufactured as one extrusion using both solid and skinned sponge elements. In section it's like a round chord with a tail which has an arrow head in the end. The tail fits in a channel in the outer frame, clipped in by the arrow head. During original fitment the tail is also sealed in the channel with clear silicone. Before a new seal can be fitted all of the old silicone must be removed, in part to allow the new seal to clip in, but also to ensure the new silicone adheres to the channel sides (noting that new silicone will NOT stick to old). This cannot realistically be undertaken with the port in situ and will require the fabrication of numerous small scrapers to remove the old silicone. Do not underestimate how frustrating this can be! Alternatively we can supply AND fit new seal if required.

Could the leaks be something else?

There are three main possibilities;

  1. there is a known issue (click to view Lewmar guidance) with water penetrating through the top/bottom section join on the outer frame, with the water draining out under one or other handles. So check this out too and note that where we are replacing the seals we check/replace the join seal as standard.

  2. the O-rings on the handles can wear (which is why we supply replacements with new acrylics). These are simple to replace, but you will need to tease out the plastic plug in the inner handle body to access the securing screw.

  3. with these units now 25+ years old any original bedding compound will be entering its crusty stage and will need replacement. The good news is that these ports are ideal for using mess free ABRO GZ tape (butyl) to rebed. We can supply GZ tape in a 12m roll or by the metre in WHITE or BLACK. Note that using the tape also ensures a 1mm seating all around the flange which will accommodate any irregularities in the hull surface.

Handles & Hinges

Lewmar supplies complete replacements, but costs can accumulate fast and you may be better off considering upgrading to a new NS port (catalogue sizes only - not an option for custom). Handles are handed. Units are supplied individually (not in pairs).

Hinge kit - MPN 360001990 - whole mount assembly - RRP ~£28

Handle RH - MPN 360002990 - includes catch block to mount on outer frame - RRP ~£25

Handle LH - MPN 360003990 - includes catch block to mount on outer frame - RRP ~£25

Refresh Kits

These are custom kits which replace the Handle/Hinge components which tend to weather most. The kit covers one hinge and one handle, but we have a discount offer on three or more of 10%. The unit price is £10.50 ex VAT.

The components are;

Handle - outer moulding (GREY)

- inner screw plug (GREY)

- O'ring

Hinge - hex black threaded bolt

- SS washer

- Dome head nut SS

Inner Trims (ABS)

Nope, no longer available and not compatible (openers) with NS units. so be careful with OS trims as they suffer from UV and both stain and become brittle. You have been warned!

New NS or refurbished OS?

If you start replacing handles and hinges as well as acrylics and seals it's probably more cost effective to consider new NS units. With these you also get new ABS trims in either WHITE or IVORY (more a cream). Combining new Acrylics with the refresh kits as an alternative with OS will improve the look substantially. Of course the grey mouldings can be resprayed too.

New ports (and hatches) can look out of place on an older craft and to be frank, rather than enhancing the look are more likely to highlight just how tired the rest of your deck hardware is, so be warned.

The advantage of new ports is that you can expect spares to be available for many years, a situation which may not be the case for OS units.

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