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...use the refurbishment partner trusted by the British Lifeboat Service (RNLI) for over 30 years...

What Clients think of us...

I believe that I'm the first retail customer for a new hatch, rather than a refurbishment. Refurbishment was my original plan - new seals and perspex - but I found that the hatch flange had some fairly serious corrosion around the bolt holes so was resigned to it going into a skip. I was therefore mightily impressed when Eagle Boat Windows offered to take my old hatch in part-exchange for a new one - it'll now continue life as one of their Lids4Lend stock, so it's great to know that it will continue to be used, albeit temporarily, by several more boat owners whilst their own hatches are sent for refurbishment. Great service and excellent communications plus a competitive price on the new hatch, so I'm very happy.

Graham Keating

1997 VAncouver 38

The turnaround time was very quick and the refurbished hatch looks good (and passed the hose test). What was very useful was the temporary hatch that Eagle provided. This was well thought through, easy to fit and very secure. Also, Eagle took care of all the packing and posting arrangements which I appreciated. Good communication, easy to deal with and very friendly.


Parker 325

What a great job you guys did - thanks so much!
And really excellent customer service, with advice and personable help on the phone. Highly recommended.

Tony Cant

1986 MkII Halmatic 30

Replacement of the perspex and new seals done in super quick time, while I used the Lids4Lend to secure the boat. A very straight forward DIY project with excellent results! Thank you.

Adrian Knight

Feeling 1090


Eagle Boat Windows is a specialist marine window and deck hatch refurbishment company with over 30 years experience.

Put simply, we take leaky, crazed units and transform them into ones which are dry, clear and beautiful...


We offer services to private boat owners, refit yards and commercial clients (including the RNLI).  We are particularly pleased to partner with Lewmar in Europe, covering their Custom and Heritage ranges.

Lewmar Superhatch closing seal now available!!

Eagle Boat Windows is delighted to announce the delivery of our first batch of custom manufactured closing seal for the Lewmar Superhatch range.  Manufactured in the UK to a profile verified by Lewmar, this is the first obsolete profile to be brought back to service customers needs.


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